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Top Eighteen and Dates of Publication

David and the Girl by Cari Oleskewicz — August 15

Muerte! Muerte! by Benjamin Woollard — August 17

The Chase by Moira Ashley — August 19

The Seven Headless Dwarfs by Matthew Wolfe — August 22

The Fairies of Faerie Glen by Michele Ivy Davis — August 24

Wild Encounter by Graham Mercer — August 26

A Thousand Cranes by Mandy Huggins — August 29

A Day Out on the Death Railway by Toni Marie Ford — August 31

Good Times Roll by Maggie Downs — September 2

The Great Out-There by Jonny Blostone — September 5

Unaccompanied Baggage by John Philipp — September 7

A Glimpse of the Future Coming from the Past by Paula Veselovschi — September 9

The Heart of What Matters by Elizabeth Eidlitz — September 12

Vladi’s Castle by Nathaniel Morris — September 14

A Very Cuban Lesson in Kindness by Ruth Colmer — September 16

A Kiss of Oranges and Myrtle on Crete by Mihaela Lica Butler — September 19

Finding Atlantis by Hal Ackerman — September 21

This is Jalala by Nadia Elkadris — September 23

Orvieto Retreat – PageCraft


Orvieto Retreat:

Sunday September 4 – Saturday September 17, 2016

Location: Istituto San Lodovico, Orvieto (TN), Italy
Leader: Hal Ackerman
Official Event Page

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