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theboywhohadapeach-coveronlyThe Boy Who Had A Peach Tree Growing Out Of His Head
From a man in need of a haircut picking up a hitchhiking rabbi whose Romanian village was decimated by the Nazis, to a family of rabbits, to an elderly man who might have gone to school with Lenin, to a hunch bettor at the race track who uses the results as a ouija board to his future, to a man whose wife left him via a text message, to the inner life of a queen bee, this eclectic compilation of stories examines the ties of family that break and bind. They are like sun showers, simultaneously filled with laughter and tears.

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Write screenplays cover

Writing Screenplays That Sell: The Ackerman Way 
Hal Ackerman offers a treasure trove of information on the writing of quality, saleable screenplays by teaching the art of story structure, substance and style. Available on and other major booksellers.

“If there’s a better and more helpful book on screenwriting, it is yet to be written.” –Leonard B. Stern, Former Chairman of American Film Institute  Buy on Amazon




Stein, Stung
Last time it was stolen weed and knockoff designer shampoo. This time it is the seemingly trivial occurrence of a few pilfered honeybee colonies that propel former hippie and merry prankster Harry Stein into the multitrillion-dollar world of the honeybee industry. In the presence of six trillion bees to pollinate millions of acres of almond trees, Stein, who is deathly allergic to bee stings, discovers the natural catastrophe of colony collapse, and a corrupt grab by organized AGROBIZ for all of the available water in Southern California.
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417s0zfteFL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Stein, Stoned
A soft-boiled detective story where The Big Lebowski meets Fletch.

In the sixties, Harry Stein was the foremost authority on cannabis, writing a book on indoor cultivation and inventing thirteen different hybrids. Nowadays, he stays straight to keep joint custody of his daughter. But when a crop of “orchids” goes missing, Stein must re-enter the haze he thought he’d left behind. Contact me to order this book




I Wanna Be Sedated
Teenagers: they roam in packs, mope silently in their rooms, sneak out, talk back, sneer, yell, roll their eyes, and think their parents just might be the dumbest creatures on Earth. Raising a teen is perhaps the most challenging phase of childrearing, a time when kids push every known hot button and wreak havoc with carefully thought-out parenting strategies. I Wanna Be Sedated brings a sense of humor and perspective to some of the deepest worries of parents. Featuring dynamic, top-caliber writing, this delightful collection speaks to the challenging, exhilarating, and occasionally mind-blowing task of parenting teenagers. Buy on Amazon





The Idaho Review: Fifteenth Anniversary Special Fiction Issue

Featuring the story Leash by Hal Ackerman.


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WordTheatre: Love & Loss, Volume 1
Recorded live with many of the writers present, these nine exquisitely crafted stories guide you through the highs and lows of marriage. From the complications of newfound intimacy to the devastations wrought by death, you will be deeply moved by these authors’ explorations.

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